Expert Consulting Services

At APEs, we do more than just help with editing, translating, and formatting. Our advising experts provide consultation services to our clients. We can help find the right journals for your submission, advise on which universities to apply to, and evaluate your application so you know what your strengths are, and which weaknesses you may need to address.

Do you need help finding the right journals to submit your manuscript to? We can help with selection and advise you on which journals your paper would be a good fit for.

Picking a school is a major decision and the number of possibilities can be overwhelming. With our network of students and professionals, we can match you with an expert to help you find the best universities for your academic and professional goals. We can help you make selections and advise on your chances of acceptance at each school. We can even facilitate a conversation between you and a current student at the university you are considering.

Applying to university can be one of the most stressful times of your life. Our consultants can review your application before submission to ensure you’re not making any mistakes that could jeopardize your chances. We can advise you on your chances as well as provide feedback on areas of weakness that you may want to address before submission.

Whether it’s an essay for school or as part of your application, our consultants can offer advice and guidance. We know what reviewers are looking for and can help give you the best chances of success!

Ready for work? Our consultants can provide feedback and advice on your Resume or Curriculum Vitae. We have experts that are familiar with all the standards and common practices in English speaking countries. We can make sure your Resume is polished to perfection before you apply to a job.

Along with your resume or curriculum vitae, most job applications are accompanied by a Cover Letter or some kind of correspondence. These can be even more important than your resume as it is often how the reader makes their first impression of you. Coming across as a professional is a must. Receiving consultation or having editing done in advance ensures you make a professional and effective first impression.

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